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Address: Unit 13, 3rd Level, No 24, 10th Alley, Ghaem-Magham Farahani St., Tehran

Tel: +98 21-88514518-20 Whatsapp: +98 9377724210



Become a Volunteer at EDF!

Before applying to become a volunteer, we encourage you to read our About Us and Values sections to ensure alignment with your interests and values.

At EDF, we recognize and appreciate the value of voluntary cooperation. Our partnership is a mutual commitment where we prioritize transparency, accountability, punctuality, and honesty.

As volunteers, we believe in equality in cooperation. We learn, teach, and provide feedback to one another in our shared pursuit of a common objective.

Volunteers have the right to benefit from skills acquisition, the development of social relationships, self-confidence, the expansion of work relationships, and a sense of community belonging.

We respect the local community’s culture, lifestyle, beliefs, and human dignity and avoid religious and political interference.

Voluntary cooperation should not equate to labour exploitation. While voluntary work is without financial compensation, we strive to provide our volunteers with a comfortable platform, including travel expenses, food, and travel insurance.

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